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Galgenkopf: FREE Nürburgring wallpaper


nurburgring nordschleife wallpaper galgenkopf

Here's a little shot I took while I was waiting for the industry pool to start.

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FREE Nürburgring wallpaper to download



Lovely hi-resolution artwork that I knocked up after walking the new surfaces at Steilstrecke...

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Porsche drivers make me SICK!


vomit at nurburgring

There's a rich and vibrant smell at the Nürburgring on a Sunday in summer, and not all of it is burning rubber and hot exhaust pipes.

>> See the comic and watch the video inside >>

RUF CTR "Yellow Bird" VHS Re-Mastered


ruf ctr yellowbird remastered

Not only is this movie seminal, original and one of the greatest bits of automotive history to ever be committed to tape. It's also one of the reasons why many of us just love the Nürburgring (and brown loafers).

I am, of course, referring to the RUF CTR Yellow Bird promo video starring the Stefan Roser. Something that was shown in a handful of dealers and the kind of thing for which you'd mail a carefully prepared self-addressed envelope to Pfaffenhausen, Deutschland.

>> Read more and see the full 1080p video after the jump >>

UPDATED: Spring is in the air... so DUCK!



It's a million-to-one chance, but it's still scary enough to make you physically flinch behind the safety of your computer screen... this is the moment when Mazda On Track's Nick Dougill almost became another Massa On Track....

>> See more and watch the video after the jump >>

So THAT'S why Tanner Foust was driving a Ford Raptor last Easter...


tanner raptor ring

Do you remember that incredible video from last Easter Friday with the rolling Honda CRV? One step further, do yu remember the bright blue Ford Raptor truck sliding and bouncing over the kerbs in full drift?

Well here's why...

>>> See the video here >>>


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