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Two years and 2800 laps later...


I remember reading somewhere that BMW reckon it only takes 1000 laps of the Nürburgring with a professional driver to turn a brand-new car into one only fit for the scrapheap. One lap of the notorious Nordschleife being equivalent to 200kms of spirited normal road driving.

So let me introduce the Suzuki Swift Sport known as 'YY' (pron. why-why). 'YY' arrived from the Suzuki dealers in April 2009 with just 150km on its digital display, and has served as a nurburgring rental car with Rent4Ring until yesterday. That's a little over two years of able and willing service. And thanks to Fredy's extensive (some may say a little too extensive) record keeping, we can share with you just what it takes to keep a car like this lapping the Nürburgring in Ring Taxi rivalling laptimes for over 2800 laps...

First off, let's look at what 'YY' achieved during it's 3 season tenure at the Nürburgring Nordschleife:

  • 59000kms on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, or a little over 2800 laps.
  • Gave 457 different drivers their Nürburgring kicks. Some were fast, some were slow. Some were nice to the car, a few were frankly awful!
  • Peak engine speed of 8761rpm (you know who you are!)
  • Still making 133bhp on the dyno
  • 600 hours of racetrack driving - that's around 25 normal 24-hour races!
  • 180 million engine revolutions
  • 168 thousand gear changes, some were nice, a lot were not!

What did it use, burn or break?

  • Sorry Greenpeace, but it burnt 8400ltrs of 98RON super plus gas, at an average of 14ltrs/100km or about 20mpg!
  • It used 55 litres of top-grade fully-synthetic Motul motor oil, and two changes of gearbox oil
  • 27 front brake pads, 10 rears
  • 52 super-sticky Toyo 888 tyres, and one set of four Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres.
  • One replacement clutch (stock Suzuki)
  • Three complete brake fluid flushes
  • One wheel bearing (front left)
  • One new alternator and one new battery
  • One set of wipers

Amazingly the car was never mechanically broken by a driver and was never crashed, one of the few cars on the whole fleet to escape either mishap. In fact, it still drives like new... Onboard video from YY with a customer this summer!

So what next for the 'YY'?

You could be forgiven for thinking this car must surely be ready for the scrapheap, as per BMW's guidelines. Nothing could be further from the truth! The little Swift is as eager and as fun to drive as the first day it got here! It really is a testament to the Suzuki's stunning build quality (and also Rent4Ring's servicing and modifications) that the car is in such great condition. In fact the car has just been bought by a Rent4Ring customer, who will now enjoy his own Rent4Ring Swift both at the Nürburgring and other tracks and events around Europe.

Goodbye YY, and see you here again soon!


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