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Mark Webber laps a brand new 991 Porsche GT3RS


20150422-IMG 8939

>> Full story, including hi-res gallery and a video, here >>

Happy 2015 from the Nordschleife!



2014 might have been another year full of surprise, drama and intrigue, BUT that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to 2015!

>> More photos after the jump >>

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Which American performance car is targeting the BMW M4?


m3 2

It's not often that you see a brand-new BMW M4 on a US license plate, but when it's lapping in the exclusive Nürburgring Nordschleife industry pool session, then you can easily hypothesise what's happening. One of the American development teams is 'benchmarking' the competition.

The question is: Who?

>> Read more, see the photos of the suspects and WATCH THE VIDEO >>

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[UPDATED] How to enjoy the 2014 N24 from the comfort of your home


k 5

For whatever reason, you're not willing or able to stand knee-deep in empty bottles of Bitburger while racecars carve through the smoke of a million sizzling Würstchen for 24-hours. How do you keep abreast of the world's greatest 24-hour GT race?


>> You should follow the BTG Guide to the 24-hours of Nürburgring, of course! >>

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Mountain Biking at the 'Ring - a fat bloke's tale


mtb nurburgring

As is usual for August, I've been flat out in the day job, renting cars, occasionally instructing and driving them and generally trying to make people's Nürburgring experiences as awesome as possible. It's not the best time of the year for my blogging efforts, as I barely get out on the track and I don't have much time for fun stuff. But it's about time for a bit of a personal blog post.

The racing is dominating my free time, in more ways than you might think.

Lighter race car drivers are faster race car drivers. That's my theory...

>> Read more, see the videos and photos, after the jump >>

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In memory of Charly Csermak


Charly, riding his big 1400 like a 600 a few days before his accident.

Big guy, bigger smiles. He was one of those people who always found the time to come over and say 'Hi'. Even if you were in a different country. He had the Nürburgring in his blood and motorcycles in his heart. He'll be missed by more people than I can count. I'm missing Charly already and he's only been gone a couple of days.

stelvioCharly passed away after an accident on the 'Ring last Saturday lunchtime. Like many motorcyclists before him he was the victim of a fluid spill.

He's not the first guy to meet his maker after a lap of the 'ring, and he certainly won't be the last. I'm not a masochist, the inherent danger of riding the 'Ring doesn't excite me.

It didn't excite Charly either, we spoke about it only a week before his tragic death. But what did excite him was the sheer thrill of riding his bike around the world's most beautiful and challenging racetrack. It's a feeling that even the fighter pilots envy as they fly through the heavens and look down on the little insect figures cascading around the racetrack below.

Nobody held a gun to Charly's head. Nobody forced him to ride his bike that day. And for that reason alone, I'm telling myself not to cry as I type this. But it's not working.

Charly loved his bikes, he loved travel and he loved making new friends. For him the whole of Europe was just outside his backdoor, with trips to the Stelvio and Lake Garda under the ZZR's back tyre already, and plenty more adventures planned for this summer.


flyingI think he was a bit of a secret anglo-phile, to be honest. He was always bringing me his old copies of MCN, and pretty much refused to speak German with me. Though that could be because his English was excellent, and my German is pathetic...

His good friends at TAS in the UK recently became a second family, as he bought a ZX6R to keep over there. Just to enjoy some UK trackdays. The photo above was taken on his first visit to Cadwell, jumping the mountain like a pro. Though a quick scan through some of his older photos shows that Charly's ability to make motorcycles fly is something he's been working on for a while >>

I'm not going to go into the whys and wherefores of how Charly crashed, or how preventable his death was. Not yet. You can read the typically dry newspaper report here, if you want to.

I'd rather end this piece with a smile, which is exactly how I want to remember my friend Charly. With a smile.

Charley and me, with our winter jackets on.


COMPLETED: Last-minute repairs before the 24-hour



This is the sight greeting those lucky drivers attending the 24-hour Rookie Training this morning at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Hard to believe that yesterday afternoon this was just a hole in the ground. German efficiency at work!

Photo by Claire (@ck277_) (

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