Public driving or Touristenfahrten is the mainstay of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. In this section you'll find news, photos and videos from the TF sessions.

6x6 G63 AMG-Zilla takes to the Nürburgring



It's not often that a single lap by a single car will cause so much comment, or warrant a whole entry on my blog. But this AMG G63 6x6 gets just that...

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If you think STUPID is a VIRUS then you shouldn't watch this video!



Even after all my years living at the Nürburgring, I'm still shocked by how ignorant some people are. Nothing should surprise me now, but still...

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Driving the Ariel Atom 300 on the Nürburgring F1 track


ariel atom driving on the nurburgring gp

"Do you want a go?" sounds the voice behind me. I've been caught! Caught in a trap baited by a 300hp supercharged toy. I might be a grown man wandering around the car park at Destination Nurburgring, but in reality I'm as helpless as a fly in honey. I break away from inspecting the Atom before me, and turn around to face the friendly voice.
"Erm, I'm not sure I should," I offer, somewhat weakly. Something in the back of my head is ringing a warning bell. It's muffled by the imagined roar of blown VTEC, but I can still hear it...

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The CRAZIEST manoeuvre on the Nürburgring yesterday...


impreza crash nurburgring

This Subaru driver got a LOT more than he expected when he threw the car into the notorious Schwedenkreuz corner yesterday. Too much speed, too much steering and lifting off the gas put him sideways at well over 100mph.

But it's what happens next that will really amaze you!

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THINK before you STOP at the Nürburgring!


wtf mini2

It's not the first time that I've had to make this post, and I'm sure it won't be my last. But, seriously now, WTF people!? I understand the need to stop at a serious accident, what I don't understand is when people stop in the MIDDLE of the NORDSCHLEIFE!

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Why you really shouldn't lift in the Foxhole


golf foxhole crash

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is full of dangerous corners. But danger is proportional to speed and barrier proximity. And nowhere on a tourist lap of the 'ring is a corner faster or closer to the barriers than the Foxhole.

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