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Why you should NEVER drive away from an accident!


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Crashing on the Nordschleife can happen. It's a difficult track. I'm not judging people for crashing, I've done it enough myself. But driving away without checking to see if you're leaking fluids? That is (in my opinion) idiotic, reprehensible and shows a complete disregard for other drivers to an almost sociopathic level.

Reasons why you shouldn't drive away from an accident:

1) It puts other track users in danger! Check you're not leaking fluids before you drive away! Many of my fellow Nürburgringers have died due to crashing on fluids. In memory of Charly Csermak

2) You're putting yourself in danger! When you drive away with a knackered tyre or wobbly wheel you're running the risk that your car is about to self-destruct and throw itself into the nearest fence. Many years ago I famously jumped into a rental car that had just (unknown to me) been thrown sideways over a kerb. The tyre blew out just after the foxhole...

3) You're going to pay. A lot. Costing up the guardrail and dealing with the police is a very delicate matter. Do you want to start this conversation with everybody thinking you're a complete dumbass? Or should you appear to be a slightly unlucky but responsible track user? I've seen one hit and run driver pay a €2000 fine in order to leave the police station...

*Thanks to Joel for yet another tip*


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