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CRASH: Why the Nürburgring camera ban might be 'relaxed'


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Video cameras have been banned from the Nürburgring Nordschleife public sessions for over five years, but the rumours are that these rules might be relaxed a little in 2013. And here's one crash video that shows exactly why the camera ban sometimes makes things even more dangerous.

The video starts after the ticket barriers, on the Döttinger Höhe. Because marshalls stand at the ticket barriers and stop cars with cameras fitted, most visitors just drive on to the track and park up to fit their camera. This can be simple, or incredibly stupid. It depends on the driver and the conditions. This was obviously a very busy day, and you can count no less than FIVE drivers pulling this trick on the left-hand-side alone (there are possibly more behind and to the right).

So watch the video, then we'll continue... 

As you can see, this accident only occured because people were stopping in an area normally reserved for full-bore, adrenaline-popping acceleration. It wouldn't have happened if everybody had just driven out of the gates like they're supposed to. Sure, the two drivers obviously weren't looking where they were going, but it's quite a busy area. All it took was for each driver to watch the wrong mirror a second too long and... bang!

So tell me more about the camera ban being lifted!

It's absolutely not being 'lifted'. Rumours are that the marshalls made the point that it was impractical and dangerous to stop every car with a camera. It slows down the flow of traffic, and you simply cannot stop everybody. The last 100,000 Nürburgring onboard videos will attest to that fact. But what they can still do is stop cars with external mounts and also charge licensing fees to (and draw up contracts with) professional broadcasters and film crews.

The ban was only introduced after the worst kind of "video nasty" went viral in 2006. And in 2006 viral just meant it ended up on TV news. Not good for the future of our beloved Nürburgring, I think you'll agree.

How the Nürburgring powers will react to such a situation again remains unclear, though the hordes of track-side videographers are making an industry out of Nordschleife Touristenfahrten crashes. And there's no real way for the authorities to stop somebody filming a public event from the sidelines(thank goodness).

So, the rumours are quite specific: that safely-mounted, discrete video cameras may be allowed through the gate this year without a lecture and without the marshalls making you put it in the trunk of the car. Of course, these are just rumours and we're still waiting for the track to open...

I'd be interested in your feedback on this subject!

Hat-tip to veejay on the BTG forums for this amazingly DOH video


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