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VIDEO: Guy revs his Ferrari like an idiot... guess what happens next!



Maybe you've already seen that video, maybe not.

It’s all a question of attitude, and in my opinion, this Ferrari driver just doesn't have any respect. And judging by the comments on the BTG facebook page, I'm not alone in that view.

I'll turn you over now to BTG member yotah1 (he of blue Twing RS fame), a fellow ring addict and fellow countryman of the Fezza pilot...

You’ve all seen it, if you’re here, reading this article, that means you read Bridge To Gantry, and that means you’ve seen that video of a french guy with his Ferrari getting told off at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and behaving like an idiot. Because let’s face it : he behaved like a 5 year-old child who didn’t get his candy…

I’m french, and I’ve lived not very far from the Nürburgring for 3 years, regularly spending my weekends at the track during the TF sessions, enjoying it, every moment of it, even the bad ones. I can’t show up and lecture everyone, saying stuff like « in my time, we never would have done that », because I’m not 50, I’m not a veteran of the Ring, I wasn’t born there and all that is fairly recent for me. But even though I’m a youngster amongst the crowd on the parking lot and I don’t drive an expensive piece of machinery, one thing I’ve learned quickly at that track is that it’s all about respect. I’ve seen young guys in small cars go fast as hell and drive with utter skills, as well as I’ve seen rich people with rare exotics behave like morons, and vice versa. There’s a bit of everything, and we must deal with it. But that video, I’ll be honest, really pisses me off. It is accumulating all the clichés possible and it will (or already has) go completely viral with people hating in the comments, and so on. The thing is : he’s french, he’s got an expensive Ferrari that most of us will never be able to afford, and he’s acting like he owns the place or some like that. But i’d like to make a point after that list : we’re not all like him (fortunately), so please, I beg you, don’t assimilate all french guys with this idiot We too are pissed by his behaviour, maybe even more so because this is reflecting such a bad image on the rest of us.

I don’t know why he did that, how it all started, and I doubt we’ll ever know. Maybe his friends asked him to rev it, maybe his exhaust isn’t standard and therefore too loud. But one thing is for sure : if you’re pretty much alone on the parking with your car, about to go on track, with all the marshalls expecting you and maybe checking you out because your car is so damn cool, restrain yourself from doing that sort of stuff. It will only give you attention that you don’t really need or seek, but things rarely go further. But in that case it did… I don’t really understand why the guy kept acting like this, but I can understand the marshalls decision to stop him from getting on track. Though, they could have stopped him before he crossed the gate, and not after, avoiding him to pay for a lap he couldn’t do in the end, which maybe made him angry, or angrier I should say. What I really think was idiotic is the « pushing hard down the straight just to make things worse ». Once you get told off, in my opinion, all you have left to do is go back to the parking space you came from, turn off your engine, and start thinking about why you got told off.

I’ve seen people, from very different countries, getting turned down at the gate or even before it for various reasons : oil leaking under their car, coolant leaking also sometimes, or both (that never looked good…), the car being non-legal, or too much of a sh*t-box, or just like that french guy for stupid behaviour. Most of the time, people understand, go away, fix the problem or adjust their attitude a bit, and then come back to enjoy the track once again, in complete respect of the rules, the marshalls and the other enthusiasts around them. That’s the only way possible for everyone to have a good day at the Nürburgring, enjoy our stay and our laps, have fun with our friends, and more importantly for the marshalls to do their job with a smile on their face!

Because, many people forget it easily, but while we spend our day driving, co-driving, drinking beer at Brünnchen (and not driving again after!), taking photos along the track, or whichever other activity you come to do there, the marshalls are working, most of them for free. I respect that, I respect it a lot, because I know what it is to have a passion and to give of your own time in order to help others enjoy theirs too. It’s always a pleasure for me to show up, have a quick chat with some of the guys there and say « Hi » and « Thank you » at every lap when I clock-in at the gate and when I get out of the parking at the end. Without them, there would be no Nürburgring weekends, there would be no Touristenfahrten, we would have to rent the track to be able to drive on it, or only do pre-scheduled trackdays. If we want to keep the Nürburgring the way it is, with that feeling of « old school » racetrack, completely out of this world, out of our regular day to day over-ruled lives, then we must keep having a proper attitude and respect of the place and the people who make it the way it is. Every time I go to the Nürburgring, I can almost see the passion that the people have for this place and for their cars or bikes. You know what I mean, for me, I just can’t be sad when i’m there. It has that effect on me, no matter how crappy my week was, the weekend at the Ring is a proper happy time. And I respect that place for that, because I know no other track, or no other place in general for that matter, where I get that feeling, that passion, where I can go and talk to a total stranger for 30 minutes and then leave as new friends. It’s a place which has heritage, which shows passion, and which deserves respect, and the same goes for the people who go there because they love it. The only problem, I think, is that it’s getting more and more famous everyday, and since Gran Turismo, a new generation of enthusiasts is coming (me included), maybe not always with the best attitude. The thing with videos and video games is that it makes it look easy and simple, and sometimes people show up thinking that they already know what’s waiting for them, they’ll be ok and everything will be fine because I don’t know, maybe they in the top 10 on Forza with a super fast racecar, or they’ve seen a really cool video a thousand times so it’s almost like they’ve already driven it. A friend of mine usually says « The Nürburgring make you humble », and I think he’s right, but some people forget it and act like complete lunatics or idiots like the french guy in the video. It’s sad to see that, but I think it’s what happens when more and more people get into something, you start having various types of individuals showing up, and that includes the not-so-nice ones. We have to make the best of the situation, and I prefer to remember the passionate guys who made my day better because they had stars in their eyes while chatting about the track or their car, rather than remembering some jackass with his expensive car disrespecting everyone and everything.

One thing is for sure, morons are not from a country in particular, they have their own nation and it’s spread worldwide…

I hope we will have a good 2014 season full of memorable on-track and off-track moments, and for the idiots out there, I know a very good bit of road for you, it’s straight, wide, there are lots of people to take photos of you in your car, you can rev your engine if you want and you might even make some new friends, it’s called the Champs-Elysees in Paris!

- Yotah1



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