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Watch a Porsche driver make a HUGE mistake at the Nürburgring


porsche moron

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is a difficult race track. Experienced race drivers of international reknown take their first laps quite seriously. But one of the problems with being a track novice is that your lack of experience means you quite often don't know what's dangerous and what's not.

That's about the kindest possible way I can explain this Porsche driver's utterly fearless and rather stupid behavior. Witness the video below, then feel free to read my bullet points after it...

  • Robb Holland (driving a Focus RS) arrives behind the GT3 after the fox-hole.
  • MISTAKE #1: Porsche driver checks mirrors, increases speed in a effort not to be overtaken by a Ford hatchback.
  • At Metzgesfeld 1 Robb spots the mega-early turn-in and predicts the GT3 running wide.
  • MISTAKE #2: After putting 2, maybe 3, wheels in the grass and nearly crashing, does the Porsche driver slow down? No. He immediately attacks the next corner.
  • MISTAKE #3: Another early turn in, this time for Kallenhard. Both Rob and his passenger Bill can see the writing on the wall. This Porsche will not be passed, or he will crash trying. Bets on the second one are now closed.
  • MISTAKE #4: Terrible line through Miss-Hit-Miss, again the classic "driving above your skill level" early turn-in.
  • MISTAKE #5: Combines ridiculous line at Wehrseifen with heavy gas and too much steering. Power OVERSTEER!
  • MISTAKE #6: Correction? What correction? Countersteer? Oh... <CRASH>

But the WORST MISTAKE of the whole night is STILL to come...

  • MISTAKE #7: Driving away from the scene of the accident!

Now I will let the Breidscheid webcam tells its own sad little story. First comes the shot of the track in normal conditions, minutes before the accident. Not the racing line clearly more reflective than the rest of the tarmac in the low evening light.

porsche crash1

Now here comes Mr. Porsche, and what's that we see? A highly reflective trail from his damaged rear-end? I think so. And I think he does too... that's why he's stationary with the door open, or so I would guess. 

porsche crash2

Unfortunately for us and for him, and for anybody else on the track, he decides to drive on. Check the water marks on the track...

porsche crash4

And now comes the worst part, the part of the story that makes my skin crawl and my heart break. The ambulance.

porsche crash5

Somewhere out there is a Nürburgring driver or rider (most likely a motorcycle rider) in need of medical attention. It could be unrelated to that fluid-leaking Porsche, but I doubt it. That Porsche which missed the Breidscheid emergency exit(!) and was eventually found stricken, unable to drive any further, in the vicinity of the Karussell, several kilometers from the accident!

crashed porsche


How many more people will need to die before idiots like this close our beloved Nürburgring?


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