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GUIDE: How to roll a Clio in 3 easy to follow steps




Well, this sucks, but Aleks just sent me this link to the video from his Nissan GTR during the 'incident' at Speigelkurve yesterday.

And it's not much fun to watch.

A 2000kg Nissan GTR against the kerb, nowhere else to go, versus a 1200kg Clio turning-in fast.

The video starts at Metzgesfeld, where you can see that Aleks is following a quick Porsche 964 and a GT3. The rentracecar Clio is up ahead, going quite fast, but not as fast as the cars behind him. Now watch what happens next...

I think the BTG audience will be 50/50 split here. Some of you will say "I saw that coming" and some "WTF?!".

I'm on the fence here. I can see both problems. For me there's not much more to say here other than BE CAREFUL!

If you're the slower guy being overtaken by faster traffic, then you really need to check your mirrors. And if you're looking into the shadows, where a black GTR is gaining on you by 50kmh, then look twice. Or even three times.

And WHY did he roll it?
1) By moving from the right side to the left side without checking the mirror sufficiently.
2) By hitting a stuck-to-the-ground Nissan that weighed nearly twice as much.
3) By then spinning/rolling around the nose and digging wheels into the grass.

If you're the faster guy, then be aware of the 'bottlenecks' and be prepared to wait instead of overtaking in them. These are locations, of which there are dozens, where beginners will panic and forget all semblance of 'lane discipline'. The obvious ones are the high-speed wiggles at Fuchsrohre, Spiegelkurve, Kesselchen, Wipperman and Pflanzgarten 3 in particular.

In this instance the rental customer lost a €5k deposit and the GTR some paintwork and a wheel. Both drivers were gracious in defeat, the rental driver especially so. Nobody was hurt, despite how bad the Clio looked. If you think that losing five grand is bad, let me tell you that it's one of the lowest rental deposits at the Nürburgring! And, fortunately, all RentRaceCar rentals have a rollcage too. There are other companies without cages and with double the deposit.

>> Check the BTG rental guide here >>

No matter whose fault you think this is, and I'm gonna leave that up to you, I think we can all agree that this is a very shitty way to end your Nürburgring weekend.

Drive safe, drive fast, drive nice. No driving like cocks. /message ends


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