Nürburgring Opening Times

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Nürburgring Nordschleife touristenfahrten is “public driving” on the 20.8km northern loop – the old ‘ring!

Some important points:

  • During these times the ‘ring is actually a public road, and all vehicles and drivers must comply with the relevant regulations (STVO)
  • The track is normally open rain or shine, but fog, snow or ice will close it.
  • Accidents and incidents are common, and the track will often be closed to deal with them.
2016 Ticket Prices
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All known Nürburgring Opening Times are below

PLEASE NOTE:  Nürburgring will normally release the first six months of opening times anywhere between mid-December and early February. I don’t have any inside information, don’t bother messaging me about, as I won’t reply. When I get the information, I will post it here ASAfP

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