The BTG Recommended Ring Rental List

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A lot of people ask me “which car should I hire for the Nürburgring?”… and with so many options on the crowded Nürburgring rental market, the answers just aren’t that simple.

First of all, you should be honest with yourself:

  • How much car do you NEED?
  • How much do you WANT?
  • How much can you HANDLE?

It’s no good coming to the ‘Ring and hiring a Porsche 911 GT3 if you’ve got no Nürburgring experience and no Porsche experience. I’m a big believer in small and cheap rentals for the Touristenfahrten (public driving) sessions, where the risks are high and the laptimes are slow.

So what is this table?

It’s a little list of the rental cars I’ve driven, a quick overview of the prices, potential and ‘fun-factor’. I’ve even cut through the pricing bullshit bingo and worked out the real ‘rental’ cost of the car for a typical 4-lap evening rental or 10-lap Sunday rental. Note that every company has it’s own policy for packages, and I’ve presumed that you’ll want to buy your own lap tickets and refuel the car before you give it back – the so-called ‘Basic’ rental.

CarCompanyPowerRealPrice* Evening
(4 laps, basic)
RealPrice* Day
(10 laps, basic)
(lower excess/cost)
TransmissionCage/Seat/HarnessesBTG Driver Fun RatingBTG BracketVideo link
BMW 125iRent4Ring211hp€117/lap€101/lap€10000
8ATFull cage, Recaro Pole Position, Schroth harness7/108
BMW 318isRacer's Retreat140hp€70/lap€73/lap€15005MTFull cage, Recaro Pole Position, Schroth harness8/108.5
Suzuki Swift SportRent4Ring136hp€65/lap€50/lap€6000
6MTFull cage, Recaro Pole Position, Schroth harness8/108.5
Renaultsport Clio CupRentRacecar220hp€62/lap€49/lap€7900
6ATHalf cage, stock seats9/108

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