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Renaultsport just set a new FWD Production lap record on the Nordschleife… but the 2019 rules might need explaining!

Firstly, let me say that I’m thrilled to see the first lap record laps of 2019 beginning to land. Secondly, that the new Renaultsport Trophy-R looks incredible in this video. But I do feel the need to ‘set the scene’ a little bit, maybe give you BTG readers a little background information before we all go crazy with anticipation.

Oh bugger it, here’s the video. Complicated technical stuff can wait 7m40s can’t it?

So maybe the only thing more surprising than the final lap time, is the fact that it was set on Bridgestones! And they are STICKY… If the datalogger is to be believed, the Trophy-R is pulling a solid 1.5 G around the corners. That’s like a set of off-the-shelf slicks fitted to a well setup VLN race car! I don’t know which exact model of Bridgestone that they are, but I want to try some! Be happy! The laptime battles being waged by manufacturers to sell special cars are producing some of the stickiest road-legal rubber ever to be sold.

Combined with the 2019 Nordschleife circuit improvements, laptimes are doomed to fall throughout this year,

Next, let me quote the official video captions:

Aha, yes, at last. After nearly 30 years of letting manufacturers do WTF they ever want to, the circuit owners are finally (for a modest fee) policing, controlling and interacting with the new lap record clams. The first thing they’ve done is dispense with the confusing-but-normal-for-30-years industry laptime. The standard laptime has always been the SportAuto lap distance, from the end of T13 straight back to the start. This was simply a matter of logistics. Back in those days the T13 straight housed the TF ticket barrier, and in industry pool to this day, it’s coned off and limited to 50kmh.

Now Nürburgring are controlling the laptime records, they’ve quite sensibly took the view that it should be set on the entire 20,832m Nordschleife. So that’s your 5 seconds. In case you were wondering.

So the tyres just got faster, the circuit too, but the track also got “longer”.

Confused? Don’t worry. The majority of YouTube commenters on my channel can’t even appreciate that a 1.6km BTG time is 20-25 seconds faster than a full laptime either. That’s exactly why Renaultsport still ignored the new “standard” and used 7m40s in the headline.

RESPONSE: VGJ on the “first” drift lap of the ‘Ring!

Three posts in three days, all about the same subject. Yep, the hot topic at the ‘Ring is still that drift lap of the Nordschleife. After my last two posts I hope that my own position is simply understood:

  1. I love the execution, commitment and style of Vaughn Gittin Jnr’s project. The machinery, the driving, the creative talent… it’s all next level.
  2. But saying it’s the first ever full ‘drift lap’ of the ‘Ring on the basis of a 2-minute short video left me cold. Especially when I know so many great drifters who’ve had a crack at it decades before, just without the support or machinery or PR juggernaut available to VGJ (Vaughn Gittin Jnr).

So with that in mind, I’m delighted to tell you that VGJ himself reached out to me last night, and we had a few words…

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VIDEO: Man does skids at ‘Ring, isn’t banned

OK, so the ‘man’ is Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the whole Nürburgring Nordschleife was exclusively rented for a day-and-a-half, but you’ve got to imagine that somewhere in the Nürburgring HQ, somebody was still sweating at the thought of ‘drifting’ on the Nordschleife.

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[VIDEO] Watch *that* 14-car pile-up from a new angle, and try your best to heed the advice!

I spend a lot of time on BTG trying to explain how your best lap of the Nordschleife can rapidly go to hell-in-a-handbasket in a few seconds. Last year’s 14-car clusterf*** was a prime example of your worst Nuerburgring nightmare.

But this time, I’m going to let somebody else explain… Continue reading [VIDEO] Watch *that* 14-car pile-up from a new angle, and try your best to heed the advice!

New Pennzoil video explains all those skidmarks around the ‘Ring in 2017

Driving to work last year, I came across a new set of skidmarks on the road near Muellenbach. Then some more, and some more. The sheer number of them, and the directions they were taking (quite often the wrong way up a slip road or around a junction) led me to to believe some pro-level drifting had taken place. Continue reading New Pennzoil video explains all those skidmarks around the ‘Ring in 2017

VIDEO: Did you know there’s a new Nordschleife TRAILER record?

Sit down, grab a coffee, and I’ll try to make this simple. There’s now a laptime benchmark for TOWING A TRAILER around the Nuerburgring Nordschleife. Continue reading VIDEO: Did you know there’s a new Nordschleife TRAILER record?

#CLUB1000 cars on track

Enough with the crashes, the mayhem, the finger-pointing and the back-stabbing. Thursday is actually my Monday, because the track has been open for the last SIX days, and I’m in the office again.

If you find yourself with a hot drink and a few minutes to spare, I’d invite you to watch the following movie: Continue reading #CLUB1000 cars on track

UPDATED: Alfa Stelvio QV claims Nürburgring lap record using heavily cut video

They claim their new SUV did 7m51.7s. That’s nearly 25s quicker than a 600kg heavier Range Rover SVR.

But unfortunately, whoever edited the following video did a crappy job, so while the video adds up to exactly 7m51.7s of running, the car covers some sections twice and misses other sections completely.

In other words, it’s a fake video. Maybe, maybe the car did the laptime. But not on this video. So we have to trust a manufacturer that edits videos together.

Let me explain, click play and follow me down the rabbit hole… Continue reading UPDATED: Alfa Stelvio QV claims Nürburgring lap record using heavily cut video

LUDICROUS 6m47.25 Porsche GT2RS 991 onboard video online

This is the fastest street-legal, almost mass production car you’ve ever seen lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

It’s the Porsche GT2RS and not only does it hit ridiculous speeds (293kmh before SX, 313kmh on DH!) but it also corners like a demon rollercoaster on titanium rails.

You. Must. Watch. This. Video.

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VIDEO: Manthey GT3RS 991 does a very real 7m09s lap of the Nürburgring 

Before the internet is set ablaze by the new 991 GT2RS doing a ridiculous laptime with a factory driver, and tyres hand-delivered from Clermont-Ferrand, I just wanted to share this latest SportAuto video.

It’s magazine road tester Christian Gebhardt going hell for leather in the Manthey-modded, ex-factory test mule 991 GT3RS.

And it’s awesome.

Now back to work you slackers, it’s still 8 hours ’til the weekend!