VIDEO: Porsche 992 GT3RS testing ACTIVE rear wing!

Brand-new footage of the Porsche 992 GT3 RS testing at the Nuerburgring Nordschleife during I-Pool shows the new GT3RS with a very active rear wing.


The wing you can see in the video below isn’t just huge, and twin-deck, but it also tilts upwards, depending on inputs and algorithms that we can only guess about.

So watch the video on CarSpyMedia, then let’s make some guesses and look at the hi-res photos of the 2022 GT3RS test mule…

As the car is driving around the public roads of Nurburg, the wing remains firmly ‘low’, as we can see in these photos below:

As you can see from the close-ups, this isn’t just a ‘spoiler’ (a drag-inducing device that’s designed to ‘spoil’ lift). This is a proper aerodynamic wing, inverted and lifted clear of the 992’s svelte form to create impressive amounts of down-force.

This close-up shows that it’s the lower level of the wing that is fixed in down-force creating mode, and the ‘slat’ or ‘flap’ at the back and above can be moved to create more or less down-force. And just like the flaps of a plane, coming in to land, this flap can deploy at acute angles to help create more force when the wing is going slower.

The possibilities for this system are obviously fantastic. Movable aerodynamic devices have been legislated out of racing for over 40 years, but there are very few such restrictions on road-going performance cars.

McLaren fans will no doubt point to the P1s infamous wing and movable aero, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Porsche system looks even more interesting. Watching the videos, I have come to believe that the system doesn’t just create drag when braking, but might dynamically increase its angles to match the speed of the air and thus create the desired levels of downforce.

So if you were wondering how Porsche could possibly move the game on for their next GT3 RennSport… I think we’ve found the answer! And now that the Manthey parts can be dealer fit and OEM approved, I wouldn’t bet against this mere 5xxhp N/A sportscar gunning for a production-car lap record soon, regardless of what the Huracan STO is doing!

If you’d like to know what the Industry Pool sessions are, and when they are, read my guide to Nurburgring I-Pool here.

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