It’s not just Meganes that roll-over at Schwedenkreuz

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Honda Europe and Renaultsport might have been fighting it out over laptimes for the last year and a bit, but nobody expected this

Last night the Nürburgring closed just a few minutes early, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether the guys wanted an early beer or if something had happened on track…

… the answer was THIS happened:

Both drivers were only walking wounded, which was impressive enough for an uncaged car. The car was a Honda Civic Type-R, a Championship Edition.

What caused it? In my opinion, temperatures had dropped near the end of the day, and this last lap was following a 90-minute closure, so most people were on cold tyres.

The back-axle of any FWD car takes an age to warm-up, and this was clearly the first lap since the closure.

So next time you go to push the ESP button, or decide to go flat out on cold tyres, maybe just think twice….


  • Don’t stand next to the crashed car – try to get over the fence and away from the track ASAP!
  • Have the emergency number on speed-dial: 08000302112
  • Flagging (from a safe position) is very important!