VIDEO: DIY Golf mk2 versus Harris in a 991 GT3.RS

Nigel Pinder’s Golf mk2 turbo is no stranger to the pages of BTG. The Pinderwagen, as BTG christened it, has turned up numerous times on DestinationNürburgring events. It’s a giant-slayer, and with its impressive power-to-weight ratio and strong aeros, this little Golf can help keep any legendary supercar honest.

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And supercars don’t get any more legendary than the newest 991 GT3.RS, piloted by no less than Chris Harris!

It’s a great lap, nothing too crazy, and a testament to Nige’s home-brewed Golf and a decade of learning the ‘Ring just one weekend at a time.

I’ll leave Nige to explain the rest:

A lap before lunch on the Destination Nurburgring 14 Trackday on 28th April 2016.

A thoroughly enjoyable lap on a clear circuit with almost no traffic.

First session out after changing the tyres and the fronts were overheating by the end of the session, getting up to 40psi.

I catch a Porsche going up Kesselchen at a really inconvenient point. Rather than try and force my way past and also slow the car behind, I tucked in, let the 991 past then tagged onto him for the rest of the lap.

The Red Audi RS4 at the start of the video is being driver by Jan and his incar video of this lap can be seen here : at

The 991 joined the track (00:18) just as I was passing the start and by the time I was entering Aremberg (02:17) I could see him in my mirror as he was going round Schwedenkreuz. This can be seen from the following Audi here: . The gap was very slowly shrinking but not enough for me to pull over.

A good end to the lap and when I went to talk to the driver afterwards it turned out to be Chris who was rather surprised it took him so long to catch a Golf designed in the 1980`s in a new GT3RS 🙂

This was a trackday which is strictly non-competitive but when 2 drivers are out on the same piece of tarmac it`s only natural some friendly rivalry will occur. This was a good-natured lap of high speed `close formation driving`. Zero issues on the Golf meant I could press on until the end of the lap.

Still several areas to improve, I can certainly go quicker through Flugplatz but overall a reasonable lap.

The missing second in the video is when the camera started a new file and the drivercam filled the memory card just as we passed under the Gantry !

Unfortunately no rear cam video this lap which is a shame.

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