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Watch the full Viper 7:01 documentary here

One of the ideas that drives BTG is that of opening the curtains, inviting the casual Nürburgring fan to see a little more of the Nordschleife than they might expect.

Well, this 25-Minute documentary commits to that idea in style, from radios under pedals to galling crashes, it pulls no punches.

This is the true story of how the world’s most driven Viper fans gave their iconic supercar the send-off it deserved.

FULL VIDEO: Lamborghini goes 6m52

They did it, and they shot the video to prove it. Ride onboard with the new 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Performante for a ridiculous 6m52s industry-length lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. 

Holy crap. Batshit fast. But rather controlled, don’t you think? Nothing like crazy Aventador lap.

Maybe it’s the low-down bumper-cam hides some of the cockpit drama, but there’s virtually no understeer on display. This is an impressive car, and the much vaunted active arrow are certainly having an effect.

But there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?

Here it comes; the 2016 track is faster thanks to the modifications at Flugplatz. That’s not opinion, that’s fact. Just look at the many sub-8 VLN laps this year for proof.

But is it five whole seconds faster? The Porsche 918 hybrid did 6m57s remember?

Next: tyres. Wow! The car looks like it could be on slicks, it’s so planted. Officially, they’re PirelliTrofeo R, in case you’re wondering! 

We need to know more…

VIDEO: Two car crash at SX

White Meganes seem to be the most popular car to crash at the Nürburgring the last two seasons, particularly at Schwedenkreuz. Though this time it’s not as simple as you might think…

Other front-engined, front wheel drives, like the Honda Civic Type-R, have also been known to enjoy a moment of unplanned rotation when their driver lifts and turns. Continue reading VIDEO: Two car crash at SX

VIDEO: E46 rolls over, right in front of the marshals…

By now it’s no secret that today’s VLN-layout touristenfahrten was a little bit “busy”. And there were crashes a plenty…
Continue reading VIDEO: E46 rolls over, right in front of the marshals…

VIDEO: Evo crash at YouTube corner

You have to admit, there are a lot of misunderstandings about all-wheel drive and its perceived benefits. Take, for example, this white Evo entering Brunnchen 2 (neé YouTube Corner) at around one million miles per hour… Continue reading VIDEO: Evo crash at YouTube corner

VIDEO: Gorgeous Peugeot 205 GTi overtakes on wrong side, then crashes.

Fans of French clutter, look away now. What you’re going to see now may cause emotional distress. Yes, after this accident on Sunday, there’s one less 205 GTi on the road. Sad times indeed.

For my none-European, none-car-nerd readers, let me explain something. The 205 GTi is a legendary car for many reasons, not all of them good:

  • Incredibly responsive handling
  • Great power to weight ratio from its peppy 8-valve motor
  • Snappy lift-off oversteer from its unforgiving torsion-beam rear axle

And what happens in the video below is more to do with the latter point than the first two…

Continue reading VIDEO: Gorgeous Peugeot 205 GTi overtakes on wrong side, then crashes.

VIDEO: Did VW cheat to make this 7m49s lap?

Wow, my mind boggles. The world’s largest automobile manufacturer hires the world’s biggest (and sometimes most expensive) racing track and attempts a lap record.

And then they record it on a badly installed, aimed at the sky, microphone-almost-none-functional RaceNavigator.

But still… here it is. In all it’s ‘glory’. Now, let’s take a closer look. Continue reading VIDEO: Did VW cheat to make this 7m49s lap?

7m02s BTG in a Cayman (GT4 Clubsport on slicks)

Last month I shot a rather nice Porsche GT4 Cup car for Getspeed. Turns out that one of the drivers this year is my mate Moritz… better still he was at the Skylimitevents trackday yesterday, and he shot us this video. Enjoy!

Continue reading 7m02s BTG in a Cayman (GT4 Clubsport on slicks)

VIDEO: WTF is double-clutching, and why do you do it?

So if there’s one question I get asked a lot about on my YouTube channel, it’s “WTF are you doing with the pedals?”

(Yes, I’m ignoring all the other questions that are very rude, obviously)

Mostly, I have to say, I’m double-clutching. To your Grandad and maybe even (depending on your age and his trade) your Dad, double-clutching was the norm. You used the clutch once to get out of gear and ‘in’ to neutral. Then again to get out of neutral and into the next gear. It sounds a lot longer than it takes.

But Engineering Explained have gone ahead and made this great video which explains what it is: Continue reading VIDEO: WTF is double-clutching, and why do you do it?