FEATURE: Driving a perfect Ford Focus #RINGTOOL over the Nürburgring Nordschleife

Melvin’s story is similar to many of us Nürburgring fans. He bought his first “fast” car, a 2006 Ford Focus ST, and he wanted to make it faster. But where many might have cut their losses and swapped to a more suitable (maybe boring) car, Melvin looked the dealer in the eye and declared himself ALL-IN.

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Now his Focus ST makes the 200km trip to the Nordschleife as many times per month as Melvin can manage!

It’s stripped, it’s caged. It’s running a built-and-forged motor with a “sensible” 400hp/500Nm on offer. The chassis is where this car shines though; Melvin’s Fast Ford is retro-fitted with the camber-friendly Revo-knuckles, and the driveshafts and Quaife LSD, from the hotter RS model.

And the latest addition? A full set of KW Competition coil-overs, installed and setup by Raeder Motorsport. This is a top-notch racing suspension solution, capable of handling the grip those big Nankang AR-1 semislicks are generating.

Does it sound like a car you’d like to lap? If so, please check out my video driving this 2006 Ford Focus ST over the Nürburgring below:

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