VIDEO: Another Megane rolls at Schwedenkreuz

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Conspiracy theorists, sharpen your pencils and prepare your tinfoil hats. Yes, another white Megane rolled at Schwedenkreuz at yesterday, and YES Eifler888 was there to video it…

Statistically, Meganes seem to account for a large number of cars going fast at the ‘ring. In fact, of the not-so-many under-8 cars there, I’d say Renaultsport Meganes are probably the biggest faction. So the fact that one of the most dangerous high-speed corners at the Nürburgring Nordschleife claimed another shouldn’t be shocking.

But, of course, if you watch the video, it’s still enough to take your breath away…

Oh yeah, that had to hurt, right? The driver was reportedly unhurt. Renaults, NCAP, etc… respect!

Now you want to see the others, don’t you, you vulture? Oh, OK then…

Or what about this one?

That’s enough. There’s more, but you’ll have to google them.

What can we learn?

  • Schwedenkreuz, and the jump before it, demands respect.
  • Your line needs to be perfect if you want to hit it at speed.
  • Don’t change direction before, during or after a jump.
  • A roll-cage, helmet and harnesses can save your life.

*photo by Billy Burke, no reproduction without consent!