Asphalt Børning trailer includes Nürburgring Nordschleife footage

Fans of the Børning 3 movie and followers of BTG instagram and BTG facebook might have noticed the story of a tuned-up yellow Mustang getting towed by the Polizei just hours before filming was supposed to begin. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, let me recap…


This was the post I made on the 24th of November after a bright yellow Mustang arrived in the car park. Its supercharger (cosmetic, not functional) was bigger than the motor in my family car. Unfortunately for the Børning 3 film-crew, it was closely followed by a Polizei car. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is a public road during touristenfahrten hours, remember.

Though they missed the car overnight, fines were paid and the ‘hero car’ was back again the next day.


I’d been aware of the sequels plans ever since 2018, after some mysterious phonecalls and messages arrived in my BTG inbox. Discussions included how to allow the protagonist’s brash old Mustang to beat the antagonist’s Tech-Art Porsche Turbo. We discussed a few options for the story (steilstrecke, breidscheid bridge, döttinger höhe drafting tactics) and even what advice I would give the protagonist if I was in the movie (I said, all cars being equal top-speed, don’t enter the Döttinger Höhe straight first).

Unfortunately while  a lot of my friends and colleagues did get roles and cameos in the film, I was forgotten about. <sob>

But now, with the official August 27th launch date only weeks away, we can finally see some of what was filmed!

The Norwegian’s answer to Fast and Furious is looking as slick, camp, and ludicrous as ever – which is exactly what the fans want to see.

Do you think we’ll get a launch viewing in the Nürburgring RingºKino? I hope so!

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