VIDEO: You can’t ‘win’ touristenfahrten, but you can certainly lose it…

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I’ve already posted a couple of videos from last Sunday’s terroristenfahrten session, but new videos just keep arriving in the BTG inbox every day.

And this one’s worth sharing for one reason only; it’s a perfect demonstration of somebody too eager to overtake, even in a bad position.

I won’t get into too many details, but there was a bit of confusion on certain Facebook groups after the driver of the white Focus asked for the ID of a black BMW that might have ‘nudged’ him into the barrier and then driven away.

Actually, the black car remains reasonably close to the white line on the right the whole way, and the BMW driver even stops and flags the incident.

If I was the driver of the white Ford, I’d Focus (haha) more on why I was trying to overtake through a narrow wiggle like the Bellof-S.*

If the answer was anything to do with ‘laptime’, he needs a clonk on the head.


(Officially there’s no laptimes allowed in ANY public sessions, naturally)

In all my years here at the ‘Ring, I’ve never seen Champagne, trophies and giggling girls/boys waiting for the winning driver of TF. Those emotional highs are reserved for racing.

But you can certainly have an ‘authentic’ negative racing experience. Crashed car, sore neck, broken wallet? Easily done.

Want to know what’s worse? In public sessions and trackdays you also get a barrier bill, and you might have some third-party damages to pay too.

So why not just save the laptiming for another day instead?


BTG’s top 5 most dangerous ‘bottle-necks’

(corners that look like you can overtake, but actually require expert knowledge and planning first because it all gets a bit hectic)

  1. Bellof-S
  2. Start of Fuchsröhre (post 93)
  3. Spiegelkurve
  4. Kesselchen #4
  5. Wipperman

Ford Focus RS crash nurburgring Nordschleife