VIDEO: Last VLN of 2016 was a muddy hell…

The last race of the year at the Nürburgring is rarely smooth sailing. VLN10 was no exception, as these videos show.

The qualifying started misty and full wet, with quite a few crashes before the YouTubers were even ready. And when the race got underway, it got even worse…

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This was on the GP track, in the the first lap of the race, and involved the Manheller 325i and the Sorg 325i.

Next let’s watch the action from Kesselchen at the start of the 4-hour sprint. Check out the rooster tails from the GT3s, and wince as the infamous “4th left” takes a few more victims.

This next short video is technically crash-free, but it shows quickly how the conditions developed at Metzgesfeld.

As it dried up, many more confident drivers switched to slicks quite early. But if you moved off the dry line to let traffic through, things get very interesting, very quickly, as this well-mannered Astra pilot found out to his cost.

With low temperatures and debris strewn all over the Nordschleife even the most experienced drivers were caught out. Here’s a re-upload of the livestream highlights.

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