You did it! Nürburgring names T13 left after Sabine Schmitz!

In a bombshell announcement, the Nürburgring management has announced that it will be giving the-corner-formerly-known-as-T13-left the far superior name of… SABINE SCHMITZ KURVE!

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I am so happy-sad right now, I can’t even type straight. For many people, this is the “first curve of the Nordschleife”, and to have it forever named after the indisputable Queen of the Ring is a tremendous mark of respect. And to think I was worried that poor ol’ Sabine was gonna get a be-plaqued, malnourished, tree in a shady corner! What was I ever worried about?!

With over 50,000 of you LEGENDS signing our petition here, there was never any real doubt, was there? WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!


And in case you’re wondering, T13 left is the downhill left-hander that is the first corner of any official lap-record, it’s the first corner of the Nordschleife in any N24 or VLN race, AND it’s that wonderful moment on a TF lap when you plunge down the hill, with the GP complex on the left, and enter the Green Hell. It’s also magnificently photogenic:

Official release by the Nürburgring press office here:


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