Secret weapons: GT2RS reclaims fastest production Nürburgring laptime, AMG watch carefully.

One of the biggest stories on BTG last month was Manthey Racing enjoying an upgrade to OEM status, as their wide range of performance parts for the top Porsche GT models became warranty-approved, dealer-fit, modifications. Now, using those parts on a Porsche GT2RS, the Meuspath-based, Porsche Skunkworks have re-asserted their dominance on the top of the Nürburgring laptimes board.

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The previous fastest road-legal, production car was the AMG GT Black Series, driven by Maro Engel. That car did a 6m48s FULL lap of the Nordschleife, starting and stopping at the same line in front of T13 (Tribüne 13, just ahead of the new Schmitz Kurve). While the Manthey GT2RS was quicker, it previously inhabited the laptime table for ‘Modified road cars’, thanks to its go-faster Manthey parts.

But now the Porsche GT2RS (with its OEM-status Manthey parts and Lars Kern in control) has just done 6m43.3s… FULL laptime. (The 6m38s references the older, shorter laptime, read more here)

As you can see on the photos below, Porsche is making sure you’re aware of it’s “Porsche Tequipment” official parts catalogue. While other manufacturers might offer you an OEM-approved ski-box, cycle-rack or winter wheels kits, things at Porsche have moved up a notch. The official Manthey parts catalogue is now Porsche-approved and keeps your warranty intact.

Of course, AMG will be watching these moves closely. If you thought a 6m43s lap of the Nordschleife was insanely fast for a road-legal sportscar, I suspect your mind might be blown even further sometime later this year

Source: Porsche sets new lap record at 6:43.300 minutes


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