VIDEO: See the AMG One’s active aero and suspension in action.

For fans of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar, this is the best video yet from the Nordschleife. The expected-1000hp hypercar was testing at the Nuerburgring Nordschleife most of last week, and CarSpyMedia was on hand to capture video of the car all over the 20.8km northloop.

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But it wasn’t the flybys or the F1 engine sounds that interested me the most. It was the active suspension and aerodynamics. If you watch the video below, and skip forward to the 2m10s mark, you can see the AMG re-entering the Nordschleife from the Pflanzgarten emergency gate.

Watch carefully and you’ll see the car being put into some sort of ‘track mode’. The suspension drops, and the vents above the wheel arches open up. This won’t just aid air moving through the brakes. More likely, this will increase the cooling air volume through the front, and it might even aid downforce (depending on the arrangement).

Either way, I thought you might enjoy the spectacle. Thought it’s a shame that the car then stalls its F1-derived motor just a few seconds later… 

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