VIDEO: Don’t ignore the yellow lights

This is a pretty shocking video, and hats off to the guy for uploading it. It shows a big mistake at the Nürburgring, and the horrible consequences.

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I first referenced this crash over a week ago, when I ranted about people ignoring yellow lights. Click here for the full blog.

But now we have the onboard. Shot inside a rented BMW M3, with a €35,000 damage excess no less, it’s the last minute of the video you’ll want to see. Before we go further, I want to say again:

Full respect to the guy for uploading the video! He made a mistake, it cost him a lot of money (up to €35,000 for the car damage plus maximum €10,000 for the other damages).

But thanks to his selflessness, maybe we can talk again about why the yellow lights flash and HOW LONG YOU SHOULD DRIVE SLOWLY after passing them… watch from 5m45s for the full effect!

…The answer is, keep driving slowly until you see the next lights are turned off.

Unfortunately the quality of this video isn’t too great, but you can see clearly that the marshall hasn’t yet had time to move lower down the hill. He’s up near the top, closer to the original accident.

Sure it’s hard to brake so quickly, but if EVERYBODY in the video had obeyed the yellow light, NOBODY would have crashed.

Peace out, BTGers…

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