VIDEO: Nürburgring FWD wet-lap tips and tricks

Contrary to popular opinion, a front-wheel-drive (FWD) car is NOT the work of the devil. When designed properly they’re awesome, especially in the wet!

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And I’m lucky enough to own one of the best hot hatches of the moment, so here’s a video lap showing some of my own tips to laughing smoothly and quickly on the Nordschleife.

(video at the bottom)

  • Brake smoothly and early.
  • Brake in straight lines.
  • Only change gears in straight lines.
  • The “racing line” or “ideal line” is normally slippery. Moving only a half car width off it can help massively.
  • Find and recognise the difference between a leading and trailing throttle. If you’re on the gas, even a slight amount, it’s very hard to spin a FWD car. But if you’re off it, even a bit, then you can start “lift-off oversteer”.


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