VIDEO: Evo crash at YouTube corner

You have to admit, there are a lot of misunderstandings about all-wheel drive and its perceived benefits. Take, for example, this white Evo entering Brunnchen 2 (neé YouTube Corner) at around one million miles per hour…


It was clearly unlikely to work, but that didn’t stop this hapless hero from having a go…

I normally try to turn a crash video like this into a bit of a lesson. So we can all try to improve our game, and maybe a few of us won’t replicate the misery of smashing at the ‘Ring.

But what can I say here? “Don’t drive like a dick” seems a bit rude and a bit heartless.

What about, “Don’t presume that AWD gives you any more grip in cornering or braking”?

EDIT: I later saw these guys driving home, under their own steam. So nobody hurt, and looks like they waited for the marshalls. Credit where it’s due!

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