Manthey Racing gets OEM status at Porsche, celebrates with new logo.

Over the last decade, the Manthey Racing upgrades for Porsche’s GT-family of cars have become more and more important to the overall Porsche brand. This was re-affirmed by the announcement that the firm’s upgrade parts will now be joining the OEM catalogue of upgrades that Porsche names “Porsche Tequipment”.

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In other words, you can add Manthey Parts to your GT4 or GT3RS, they can be fitted by your dealer, and they don’t affect your Porsche Warranty or the type-approval of your car (at least, in Europe). Manthey have launched a whole new mini-site for these parts: Presumably, in the future, you’ll even be able to option these parts for a dealer-fitment on your new Porsche.

(And yes, factory approved options have been used on lots of production lap records!)

Currently there are three models covered on the new site. The 991.2 GT3RS, 991.2 GT2RS (pictured below) and the 718 GT4. If you are ready to talk numbers and delivery times, the finest beard in Meuspath will be ready to take your call.

The sharp-eyed among you will have also noticed that new logo for the partly-owned-by-Porsche company. Rebranding a firm is very rarely a pain-less process, especially for one as storied and successful as Manthey Racing. We all have our own emotions and memories tied in to the old branding. But in a world of digital marketing, 3-second attention-spans and ‘square’ logos, I guess it was inevitable.

It was about 6 years ago that I noticed the first factory Porsche test-mules wearing Manthey parts during TF and I-Pool. Following their total conversion of the 981 Cayman GT4 race and road cars, and heavily-upgraded 991.1 GT3RS, it was probably no surprise that their kits would slowly become available all around the world. Indeed, I’ve already seen Manthey Racing converted cars from Dubai, London, and beyond. With the new Tequipment status, this situation will only increase.

Just for old-times, here are a few photos I took of the first ever Manthey GT4 I took, back in 2016:

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