VIDEO: Onboard the 1200hp Lambo as the tyre blows at 205kmh!

This is the terrifying near-crash when the rear right tyre on the Zyrus Engineering LP1200 Lamborghini finally cried “enough” and sent the Huracan towards the Nürburgring guardrail.

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The ensuing spin and unbelievable near-miss was caught on the onboard video system. Quick reactions from Fredrik meant the 1200-horsepower Huracan was saved from a full smash.

The car has been running slicks and the laptimes have been dropping even further during this week’s tests. Unfortunately a seasonal heatwave has settled over the Nürburgring this week, and surface temperatures reached over 58ºC yesterday. Combined with the 1200hp of the twin-turbo Lambo V10, it was enough to send this tyre over the edge.

The car is heading back to the workshop for the near-future, but I expect the team to return again soon. Unfinished business and all that…

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