Porsche Panamera sets record Nürburgring laptime

Porsche’s latest big sedan, the 2020 Panamera S, just set another Nürburgring laptime record for the Stuttgart manufacturer – bumping off the AMG GT 63 S on the way.

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Porsche factory driver Lars Kern set a full laptime of 7m29.81s last month, the 550hp limousine only just beat the 7m30.11s set by Demian Schaffert in October 2018.

The exact lap record that Porsche and Mercedes-AMG are scrapping over is the “Oberklasse”, the imprecise definition of which you can read over at Nuerburgring.de.

The last time I wrote about a Panamera setting a new laptime, I ranted about the lack of standards and transparency in Nürburgring laptimes. Now we’re in 2020 and I’m happy to report that things have changed significantly…

This 2020 Panamera was the S model, equipped with all the usual laptime-hunting aids, like ceramic brakes and Michelin Pilot Cup 2s (though not the new Cup 2Rs).

New Nürburgring laptime for the Porsche Panamera SWhile the full onboard video has not yet been released, a short video landed on the official Porsche Youtube Channel earlier today.

For the last couple of years the circuit-owners themselves have been administering their own Nürburgring laptimes, and you can find the full list here, though it’s not been updated with the Panamera laptime as yet. It’s worth noting that the ‘new’ times are a full laptime, and not just from the end of T13 to the start of T13.


Porsche Panamera Nürburgring Laptime with Lars Kern
Lars Kern poses for the camera while silently considering the benefits of an earlier apex at Arembergkurve.

I wrote a full Nürburgring laptime explainer here.

Nürburgring laptime set in Panamera S

The full press-release is available at the Porsche Newsroom.

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