The swirling confusion of the Nürburgring’s graffiti

Once again, the Nürburgring has been closed for several hours to clean-up graffiti added overnight. But why did the track close today, and why not every other time an over-enthusiastic fan jumps the fence to write something dumb? And what exactly happened?

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Late last night, or early this morning, a group of friends decided to jump the fence and Brünnchen and paint their instagram and facebook names all over the track. In gloss white paint.

At opening time this morning, the Industrie-Pool was expecting to get on to the Nordschleife at 0800. But the 0745 track inspection turned up a problem. A slippery, still-wet problem.

Safety first, the industrie-pool testers couldn’t drive fast on this. Nobody could. The session opened about 2-3 hours late, after a small team carefully jet-washed the graffiti off the circuit.

Internet detectives around the globe were very quick to identify the culprits. I’m not going to bother with linking any of the threads, or giving more details on that. Doxing is not my style.

Now, I’m not an expert, and even if I was, I wouldn’t go as far to suggest which paint to use to keep things safe. Why? Well, Nürburgring right now are probably considering all kinds of things, including criminal trespass, criminal damage, loss of earnings. That kind of thing.

Graffiti looks cool on GT Sport, but less cool when you’re trying to polish it off the doors and rear wings of your pride and joy.

My advice? Don’t graffiti the track. Easy, right?

(And just to add the cherry to the cake, can you guess what happens next? The customer today (the ‘industrie-pool’ committee) will probably put pressure on the circuit owners to replace those three lost hours this year, caused by inappropriately enthusiastic tourists. Hmmm, what’s an easy way to give the I-Pool guys their 2-3 hours back this year? Probably by cancelling a TF session.)

At least this time it wasn’t a 40-foot Penis though.

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