N24 Confirmed, but no spectators allowed.

In these strange and troubling times, we should really be glad that the Nürburgring 24-hour can go ahead at all. But I’d be lying if I said that I was totally happy about today’s decision. 

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The full details of the press release are Google Translated at the bottom of the page, but the tl;dr is simple: We should be happy the race is able to be run at all.

Fans are asked, if not begged, to stay at home. All the 2020 tickets sold until this point are valid instead for 2021.

All the named manufacturers, and SCG, have pledged to compete as normal, though many of the mid-range teams might be in delicate talks with their sponsors right now to find out if a race missing 200,000 fans will be worth the money and effort.


I’ll add more to this story as I hear it!

ADAC TOTAL 24h race 2020:
24-hour race turns traffic lights to “green”
• The board of the ADAC North Rhine speaks for the implementation of the Event off – initially without spectators on the track
• Strong partners make an important contribution to securing the event
• Nordschleife comes into the living room: fans are there live on TV and stream
The ADAC TOTAL 24h race will take place from September 24th to 27th, 2020 at Nürburgring-Nordschleife instead. This message on which many teams, organizers and Fans have been waiting a long time is now official. The necessary preparations are underway still in full swing. However, it had to be difficult but necessary Decision will be made – according to the current status it will be a race without Spectators come. 
For fans around the longest racetrack in the world have always provided a unique festival atmosphere, in the exceptional year The organizers are preparing to offer an exciting racing weekend in 2020 at the ADAC North Rhine together with their livestream experts and with TV partners NITRO provides intensive media support. Details and further information and news about the ADAC TOTAL 24h race is available on the Internet at www.24h- rennen.de
Race director Walter Hornung sees the upcoming special edition of the ADAC TOTAL 24h race with mixed feelings: “Of course we are in the Circle of organizers all happy that we have the race this year at all to be able to carry out. ”Until then, a lot of coordination work had to be done become. 
Downside: “Unfortunately, we have to rely on our loyal fans this year do without, ” explains the race director. “We will miss her especially, because more than at every other motorsport event, the spectators are in the 24-hour race Part of the experience. They have been around the Nordschleife in recent years traditionally created a unique festival atmosphere. “
Automobile and tire manufacturers as well as marketing partners make a strong contribution
Nevertheless, the chairman of the ADAC North Rhine, Peter Meyer sees the positive side:
“It was extremely important to us to offer the teams and pilots a sporting perspective. We have now succeeded in doing this. ”The short-term commitment of the Premium car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche, from Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG and marketing partner SPORTTOTAL, the two Tire manufacturers Falken and Michelin as well as the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus team. They all participate in a common fund that is the higher economic Cushioned the risk of the race. 
“Because of the missing audience income and the Specific costs due to the pandemic situation had to be a short-term financial one Strength can be mastered, ”explains organization manager Mirco Hansen. “The 24-hour race will involve a great deal of financial effort for us. The partners who are participating in this fund makes an enormously important contribution, in part
to catch up and thus also to ensure the existence of the race. We are for that a big thank you to our partners. “
Appeal to the fans: stay true to the 24-hour race!
The organizers also pay special attention to fans of the ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennens: They are an important part of the event and everyone will be there this year Participants are missing. The ADAC North Rhine wants to guarantee two important things for them:
The first promise of course applies to ticket buyers. You can their Keep your admission ticket until 2021, because the tickets are also available for the next edition of the 24h race valid. An exchange is of course also possible. Second the spectators should still watch the race live in full length and in all aspects to be able to enjoy. There will also be online fan activities that lead to intensive media accompaniment of the race: an extensive livestream that Information service with timing and ticker on the homepage and – of course! – the competent and comprehensive coverage on free TV by television partner NITRO are intended for this
ensure that viewers can watch the complete Nordschleife
Action can enjoy. In addition, some special fan actions are planned to bring viewers close to drivers and teams at home.
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