Nürburgring *carefully* relaxes Brünnchen & Pflanzgarten parking restrictions.

Good news for Nürburgring TF fans this weekend, as the Nürburgring organisation are carefully relaxing the current parking and spectating restrictions currently in place at Pflanzgarten and Brünnchen.

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Beginning this Saturday (July 25th, 2020) visitors to the Nürburgring will once again be allowed to park their cars at Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten car parks. But there are some restrictions still in place, and failure to comply with them might result in these freedoms being withdrawn once again. Here are the do’s and don’ts, as posted by Nürburgring themselves to Facebook and Instagram:

In English, I’ll explain those a little further.

  • Minimum distance of 1.5mtrs between spectators
  • Maximum group size of 10 people
  • Car park is closed and locked at 7pm
  • You must follow the directions of the safety personnel at all times
  • No camping
  • No BBQs or Grills
  • No chairs or seats of any kind

Currently this relaxation of the rules applies only to Touristenfahrten days (Public Driving), and the upcoming VLN and RCN races are still planned to go ahead as so-called ‘ghost races’.


The restriction on seating speaks volumes as to what the circuit owners want to encourage, and what they don’t want.

Currently visitors to the ‘Ring are often parking in the ‘no-stopping’ zones, parking on the main road, or blocking the small lay-bys and car-parks some distance from the track. This has to stop, but at the same time, they don’t want photos of 1000 people shoulder-to-shoulder either.

My 2¢: You should probably expect to keep moving when you land at either Brünnchen or Pflanzgarten, and that’s no bad thing. Enjoy a walk or ride through the green hell, listen to the engines, watch the spectacle, and don’t stress about parking illegally.


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