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VIDEO: Worst ever TF driver? You tell me…

Within 20 seconds of starting this video, I *knew* it was going to a bad one. And I wasn’t wrong. (No, I’m not talking about the gloves-and-no-helmet stereotype).

Yellow flags waving, traffic slowing, and the driver of this Megane is gently accelerating and looking for an overtake on the right side.

Within a minute he’s speeding into a yellow zone and losing control heading straight for a marshall!

Amazingly enough, the uploader claims he completed 29 laps and put all the ‘best’ footage together. I say “amazingly” because after only a few minutes of watching, I begin to wonder how he made more than 1 lap without the help of Mr. Bongard. Or how he didn’t get a lifetime ban and a kick up the arse from everybody wearing a yellow vest.

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