VIDEO: Worst ever TF driver? You tell me…

Within 20 seconds of starting this video, I *knew* it was going to a bad one. And I wasn’t wrong. (No, I’m not talking about the gloves-and-no-helmet stereotype).

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Yellow flags waving, traffic slowing, and the driver of this Megane is gently accelerating and looking for an overtake on the right side.

Within a minute he’s speeding into a yellow zone and losing control heading straight for a marshall!

Amazingly enough, the uploader claims he completed 29 laps and put all the ‘best’ footage together. I say “amazingly” because after only a few minutes of watching, I begin to wonder how he made more than 1 lap without the help of Mr. Bongard. Or how he didn’t get a lifetime ban and a kick up the arse from everybody wearing a yellow vest.

Part of me wants to bury this video in the internet dungeon, never to see the light of day again. It makes us all look like clowns. Just look at the custom image the guy made. He WANTS the notoriety. He thinks it’s ‘cool’. I left the video alone, I didn’t want to share it.

Internet lynch mobs, contrary to popular opinion, are NOT my thing. Sure, we’ve had our share of Prima Donna nob-ends over the year, and some of them are still driving like dicks (PRESSE Yas Marina Blue BMW M4, I’m looking at you)

But, seriously. This guy needs a ban.

  • Poor car control THROUGHOUT the video. No anticipation of the grip levels.
  • Bad attitude (this is TOURIST driving!)
  • No respect for any rules (overtaking on the right, overtaking on yellows)

The worst bit? Reading his own comments, he sees no difference between breaking rules, driving badly, and being “fast”:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 09.36.06

I had to force myself to watch the whole video. If the guy has any sense he’ll be taking it down before he gets a ban for the next 10 years. Which is why I downloaded a copy and put it on a USB stick.


Apparently it’s the same driver who did this to his Clio earlier this year…


…and yes the Polizei were called because he crashed and drove away AND it was alleged by the marshalls on the day that they tried to stop him and he nearly ran one over.

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