Early bookers win big. BTG Circuit Days Nürburgring Trackday discount code.

The 2021 Circuit Days Nürburgring Nordschleife trackdays are ready to accept bookings, and just like every year, it’s the early bookers who will get the best deals. You can save up to £120 per day by using the special BTG Discount Code!


This year there are three events split across four days:

  • Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th of April £549/day RRP
  • Friday 2nd of July £599 RRP
  • Monday 11th of October £549 RRP

But if you book any of the events BEFORE January 1st 2021, AND use the discount code BTG at the checkout, you will get a whopping £120 knocked off that price!

Book here

If you want to know what makes a Circuit Days Nürburgring trackday so different to normal Nordschleife touristenfahrten, here’s an overview.

  • Full laps using the Döttinger Höhe straight (over 1-mile long!)
  • No motorcycles, no families, no public traffic
  • Overtaking still on the LEFT side only
  • Road-legal cars and track-only cars allowed, but NO RACE TEAMS
  • You pay entry for the day, and drive as many laps as you want to. Most people do between 10 and 30. Some people do less, some people do more (37 is the record, AFAIK)
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