Fogging Hell: Trackday cancelled

Nürburgring weather can be unpredictable at best, and downright cruel at worst.

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Yesterday, it was definitely the latter.

The plan was something rather simple, as the official event T-shirt suggested:

BTG tshirt nurburgring trackday

The reality was rather different…

Despite it dawning clear (if rainy), by 8am the top half of the circuit was utterly enveloped in a thick layer of fog.

We waited, hour-by-hour, for the updates. But despite a stiff wind, the visibility remained dreadful.

For the locals amongst us, it was a disappointing day. But imagine how BTG stalwart Ben Lyons felt after towing his BMW 318is (above) all the way from Scotland with his racing friends, crew and girlfriends!

Other drivers flew in from as far away as the USA and Australia. Not that the Green Hell cares one bit about your airfare or your travel time.

And your next trackday opportunity? Schnelleschwaben are running a road-car-only event on May 8th:

Nurburgring trackday may 8th 2015 schnelleschwaben

I’ll see you there?

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