Rad Am Ring cancelled again! What does that mean for TF?

The Rad-Am-Ring is a hoot of an event, whether you like skinny-wheeled death traps, or breaking bones around the Nurburg castle at 2am in the mud. It’s a 24-hour bicycle race that takes place on the Nordschleife and F1 circuit (for the road bikes) and the forests of Nuerburg and some of the track for the MTBs.

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Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, and a lack of concrete information about June 21sts proposed lifting of restrictions, the organisation behind the legendary event has called it quits for another year. It must be heart-breaking to be stopping the event just over a month from the planned date.

But it’s probably good news for the touristenfahrten drivers, who are likely to get an extra full weekend of driving added to the 2021 Nurburgring Nordschleife opening times. And as the RAR also used the full GP circuit and paddock

I have added them to the 2021 BTG Driver’s Calendar already, but I will also update you all on the BTG Facebook page when those dates are confirmed.

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