Sabine’s Corner Petition: Update 19/03

Well done, so far!

Thanks to the support of the Schmitz family and everybody who signed so far, this petition is definitely ‘on the radar’ over at the ‘Ring HQ.

Nuerburgring is a big organisation, with commercial commitments to many other companies and other organisations. In short; I don’t expect a slow-moving, medium-sized company to make firm commitments to difficult decisions. I’m not unrealistic in my goals or timeframes.

In an official statement the management declared an intent to honour Sabine’s memory, but “in due course”; citing timescales, family mourning, and commitments to other racing organisations such as the ADAC N24 and NLS (VLN).

This means that a corner name might be an option, but also, I would speculate, a bronze plaque, or a small tree by the second entrance to the paddock. Those are all worthy methods that have been used before.

Therefore, our work is not yet done. The reason that nearly 25,000 fans all signed this petition so quickly, including family members, is that we believe in naming a corner of the Nordschleife after Sabine.

We believe that this is the proper way to honour her memory as a driver, racer and fellow car enthusiast.

Yours faithfully,

Dale Lomas

P.S. So you can still share the hell out of this with all your petrol-head, Sabine-fan, friends.


















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