Børning 3 becomes Asphalt Burning and will air on Netflix!

Longtime BTG viewers and followers of my BTGDale Instagram account, will no doubt be familiar with the hilariously camp-but-cool Asphalt Børning series.

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Arriving at the Nürburgring to film back in 2019, things nearly went off the rails when the hero car (a massively supercharged Ford Mustang) was impounded from the Nürburgring Nordschleife by the Polizei. You can read about that here.

In summer the film should have enjoyed a cinema release, but, you know… COVID.

So imagine my surprise and joy to see that the Børning film is now going to be available INTERNATIONALLY on Netflix from January 2nd! Very, very cool. The trailer is below. Enjoy!

The official Netflix page for Asphalt Burning.

If you’re having problems viewing the video here, this is the direct link.

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