7 reasons the 2021 Nürburgring season won’t totally suck

Not many people reading this blog had a perfect 2020. Jeff Bezos, maybe. The guy who sells tyres and brake pads to the post-office fleet. Actually, I’d be surprised if either of those read BTG. But I digress… My point is, that many of us have been putting a brave face on things, while dealing with some very difficult situations. And that’s why I’m making this list, a quick list of awesome things to look forward to next year.

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1) TF is proven COVID-proof

Thanks to the success of contactless touristenfahrten, we’re almost certain that the Nürburgring’s public openings won’t be affected by any rules regarding gatherings or recreation. The same can’t be said for racing, even though the first immunisation centres are being built right now.

2) It’s only 79 days until the Nordschleife opens!

The official re-opening of Nürburgring touristenfahrten will be at 0900 on March 6th. And if there’s one thing I’m sure about at the Nürburgring, it’s weather. It will 100% definitely be good weather that day. Mark my words.*

3) BTGers get a 6-day Easter lap-fest in April

The biggest challenge for the hard-core BTGers will be making their chosen ringtool last FOUR full days of TF and TWO days of trackday (don’t forget the Circuit Days discount code if you’ve not booked already). There’s a good argument to renting a car for at least a couple of those days, or setting up a workshop in the driveway of your Lindner holiday cottage. You can fit an air compressor and a scissor jack on that trailer, can’t you?

4) May GreenHell Driving Days is FOUR days

Barely a month after that 6-day Easter blow-out, if you didn’t die, or explode your #ringtool into a million pieces, you could try and do the FOUR days of TF that start on May 13th. Be warned, a lot of people will be aiming for these weekends, so it’ll be busy.

5) Loads of DOUBLE weekends of TF

Back in the early days of living/working here, I could count on one hand how many Saturday-Sunday TF weekends we’d have in a whole year. But after the May GreenHell Driving Days there are another TEN weekends of two-day openings, not counting November.

6) There will be a BTG taxi, but not in TF.

I got the specs for the 2021 to 2023 taxi license, and, right now, I’m thinking it’s too much for not enough. For some, it might make sense, but not for me. Instead we’re going to concentrate on the private events. While it won’t be every day, it does free me up to push the envelope in other ways you might enjoy!

7) There will be more BTG videos…

I’m jumping to a conclusion that me filling the YouTube servers with more BTG content is a good thing, or that you guys even enjoy listening to my Northern tones interspersed with uncontrollable giggles. But, hey, I’ve got to have something to look forward to!

*I am of course completely lying. But maybe, if we’re lucky, this global warming malarky might actually be helpful

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