VIDEO: This is the closest derestricted Autobahn to the Nürburgring

In my day to day business, a lot of Nürburgring visitors ask me “where is the closest stretch of derestricted Autobahn to the Nürburgring?”

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The answer, surprisingly, is not that far away. In fact, it’s so close (17kms) that you can drive there, from the Nordschleife zufahrt, in less than 20-minutes. Handily, I’ve pinpointed it here for you on google maps:

Also handily, I recorded a video for my mostly Nürburgring YouTube channel. You’ll find the video embedded below, but if your device is struggling, you can click this direct link too. Now you might be wondering, did I take my 270kmh station wagon? Did I take my 260kmh motorcycle? NO! I took my #Club1000 Yaris, which you already saw early this month.

There are some important things you can learn from this video, and the top-speed of the Gold Member is not it. Pay attention to the 130kmh ‘suggested’ speed-limit, and what position breaking it can put you in…

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