Tesla Supercharger V3 is installed at the Nürburgring

Good news for Tesla drivers and (and maybe other EV Nürburgring fans today), as four new Supercharger V3 stations have been installed by the Lindner Motorsports hotel.

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The new chargers boast a maxmum rating of 1000 Volts DC, or up 425 Amps of current. Of course, not many cars can take advantage of those numbers, but the new CCS2 plugs (and an important EU ruling) means that in the future, maybe more electric cars can be charged at the Nürburgring than just the latest Teslas.

On the way home from work today, I shot a short video for my Nürburgring-themed BTGDale YouTube Channel with more of the details. If you have trouble loading it, you can click this direct link too.

Tesla arrived at the Nürburgring back in Summer 2019, and they landed with a bang. After the Porsche Taycan S set a 7m42s Nordschleife lap during testing, they brought some wide-arched, triple-motor prototypes that clocked some pretty crazy laptimes. Within a couple of trips, they were clocking low-7-minute laps, and the 3-motor prototype was revealed as the “Plaid” edition. You can read more about those efforts over on Road & Track.

And a close-up of the Tesla V3 Supercharger EU specifications:

Tesla SuperCharger V3 specifications at the Nürburgring

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