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#CLUB1000 first event is a success

I’m a pretty busy guy this year. I can’t seem to find the time to put everything that happens online, but I need to do better. Why?

Because thanks to some crazy half-assed blogging from last year, and a lot of support from my friends and colleagues, BTG now has it’s own driver’s club. And the first event was last month. It was so much fun that we immediately agreed to do another. Continue reading #CLUB1000 first event is a success

BLOG: Choosing a #CLUB1000 machine

Despite actually creating the club, I have a confession to make. I still haven’t decided which Litre-car to build yet. Here’s my short-list of the most obvious choices. Because the purpose of the club is to have fun, there’s no right or wrong cars to choose. All I ask is that the car was originally available with a sub-1000cc motor and that it doesn’t use a bike motor, turbo, or supercharger.

So here’s my own short-list: Continue reading BLOG: Choosing a #CLUB1000 machine

#CLUB1000 races ahead

From concept to car-buying in only a few days, that’s the crazy reality of the new #Club1000!

There’s a lot for me to get ready, and if you’ve not read the blog post that precipitated this, I suggest you go there right now.

While I’ve been busy getting the logos, artwork, and calendar ready, potential members have already been out buying cars! Continue reading #CLUB1000 races ahead

#Club1000 is coming

A long time ago, before social media, before blogs like this one, a sub-10-minute lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife was a badge of honour. It took driving skill, track knowledge and courage to achieve.

But nowadays you could do it in airport rental car. I mean you shouldn’t. But you could. Which means it’s all about sub-8-minutes now. Continue reading #Club1000 is coming