BLOG: Choosing a #CLUB1000 machine

Despite actually creating the club, I have a confession to make. I still haven’t decided which Litre-car to build yet. Here’s my short-list of the most obvious choices. Because the purpose of the club is to have fun, there’s no right or wrong cars to choose. All I ask is that the car was originally available with a sub-1000cc motor and that it doesn’t use a bike motor, turbo, or supercharger.

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So here’s my own short-list:

Citroen C1

(or Toyota Aygo, Peugout 107)

The three-cylinder C1 doesn’t just offer a modern chassis and a 68hp motor, it could be a real racing car too! With the C1 Racing Cup in the UK, a C1 class at most 2CV Club events AND the Dutch CityBug series, you’re spoilt for choice.

Cages to MSA/FIA standard are available off the shelf, and the car even sounds like half a Porsche GT3RS. Maybe.

PROS: NCAP-super-safe bodyshell, off-the-shelf rollcage, power,

CONS: Heavy compared to old-school cars, three cylinder motor isn’t for everybody

Nissan Micra K11

Star of countless races, rallies and more, the tiny Micra K11 offers a ridiculously oversquare four-cylinder motor that can be tuned relatively easily. In Japan they raced in the March cup, and the 1.3 version is a popular car for rallying and club-racing, making off-the-shelf parts and safety equipment easy to find.

A face-lifted model offers a great mix of modern power and old-school weight savings compared to the latest machines.

PROS: Reliability, off-the-shelf rollcages, power-to-weight ratio.

CONS: Earlier models can be rusty,


To be continued later tonight….

Toyota Yaris (first-gen)

Nissan Micra K12

Suzuki Wagon R

Nissan Micra K10




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