Citroën show us what it’s like to take Flugplatz flat-out in a WTCC car

Yesterday I reported on the breathtaking spectacle of the official FIA WTCC test day here at the Nürburgring.


Less than 24-hours after the test finished, Citroën Racing have already uploaded their video from the event. And it includes a little piece of onboard footage that will make you grin… check it out!

Holy crap, was that fast!? While the DMSB might have restricted VLN and N24 cars to 200kmh over the jump at Quiddelbächer Hohe, there’s no such worries for the WTCC guys.

You’ll also see Schwedenkreuz and Füchsröhre at full speed too. Hold on to your lunch, these little cars are amazing!

Nürburgring WTCC laptimes

WTCC will be racing on the Nordschleife for two 45-minute races as part of the N24 weekend, May 15th-16th. Read more on the official site here.

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