Dodo Juice launch next-gen “GreenShell” ARMCO-REPELLING wax!

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Truly we live in an enlightened age of incredible technical achievements. Robots to Mars, telescopes that can see planets and all our knowledge (and a lot of cat videos) accessible from the palm of our hand.

But, what about…. ARMCO-REPELLING car polish?!

I thought I’d seen everything already, until I watched this video…

Needless to say, I’ve already been testing this product throughout the whole of last year and in season 2017 I found it precisely 99.9996% effective at keeping me out of the guardrail.

That’s pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree. There are only a few pots of this magic wax available, so if you want to get your hands on this stuff… you need to move fast.



Anti-magnetic ARMCO REPELLENT CAR WAX prevents crash damage!

Enthusiast car care products manufacturer, Dodo Juice, have developed a new kind of car wax that actively works to protect vehicles from damage to paintwork caused by collisions with ‘armco’.

After years of development, a unique formulation has been created that blends high-quality, handmade, car wax with a proprietary anti-magnetic compound. Once applied to a vehicle, it works to repel the metal barriers that surround race tracks and roads worldwide.

In testing, the new wax, called Green Shell, has been independently proven to reduce ‘armco rash’ by up to 87.46%.

Although primarily developed for metal crash barriers, the wax has also proven effective during testing in reducing road traffic collisions, with vehicles being an estimated 46.92% less likely to suffer bodywork damage.

Racing fansite has been impressed with initial trials at the Nurburgring race track in Germany, a track that incidentally gave Green Shell its name (‘Green Hell’ being a name given to the Nurburgring by racing driver Jackie Stewart).

Green Shell will only be available directly from the manufacturers, Dodo Juice, through the website from 01.04.17.

A video detailing the testing and manufacturing process will also be available on the Dodo Juice Facebook page from 01.04.17.