GORGEOUS: 4k high-quality lap of the Nürburgring from the air!

Anybody who knows me well enough, knows that one of my other, somewhat less requited, passions is general aviation. So imagine my excitement when I saw this short, but gorgeous, 4k movie drop on to YouTube last night. I’ve watched it three times already!

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It’s an onboard video, but onboard what, I don’t know at this point. The thumbnail shows Pete’s own Alpi Pioneer 300, D-MYZZ, flying off the right wing. But that Alpi is a side-by-side 2-seater, and he’s getting great shots out of both sides from one seat. The video was shot from a different aircraft. How he got such smooth and fantastic video on such a low-level flight, I’m not exactly sure. Some sort of gyro-gimbal and a decent 4k camera, I guess. Pete, if you read my comments or see this blog, please drop me a line!

The video was shot earlier in November, or maybe late October, when the weather was clear and the Nordschleife was busy for Touristenfahrten. It was clearly a Saturday or Sunday. Just check out how many cars on the ‘Ring as he banks right over Kallenhard!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Direct video link.

UPDATE: Pete cross-loaded the video on to his cinematography channel, and the thumbnail shows the camera plane. But I still don’t know what it is…


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