New Porsche GT3RS hits the Nordschleife without Camo

We’ve all seen the new 991-based GT3RS. I’ve seen the camo-clad test cars, and recently the stationary show-queens at Geneva and New York.


Porsche 991 GT3RS

But there’s NOTHING like seeing a hot new car in the wild, undisguised.  And that’s what happened tonight at the Nürburgring Nordschleife car park.

Just before the track closed, this silver Porsche 991 GT3RS arrived. Undoubtedly a “Werks Testfahrzeug” (or factory test car) on it’s BB plates, because Böblingen is the district where the Porsche test cars are often registered.

The soon-to-be apex predator is, of course, still undriven by the world’s press. But some lucky guy appears to have just driven it from the Sachsenring (a parking pass fell out from the door) directly to the Nürburgring.

But don’t worry, he wasn’t making any fast laps. It appeared to just be a photo shoot.

But tomorrow the evening public session is cancelled. Rumours are that the circuit has been hired for a lap record attempt. Co-incidence?

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