Nürburgring opens, Touristenfahrers fahrt, and the world is good

Now I don’t want to over-react or anything, but after an unbelievably depressing winter, this weekend felt like a festival. Honestly, you couldn’t have hoped for it to go any better. Blue skies, golden sunshine. Even the deeply freezing overnight temperatures couldn’t prevent the Nordschleife opening on time.

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Despite the chilly starts to each day, the temperatures broke through to the positive side of the scale before lunchtime each day. For the most part, the crowds remained well-behaved, except for one moron driving his Audi around the grass field in front of the Nürburg castle. And no, I’m not gonna link that video. Just imagine it. A moron. In an Audi. Driving around a field, confusing us, confusing his stability control module. It was confusing, and depressing.

But I digress. Despite the last-minute parking changes, it all went pretty well. And I have the PROOF of that below…

WHAT? You want MORE proof? Oh, OK then. I did a lap too.

CAUTION: The following video may induce 8500rpm flat-six eargasms.

And if you’re looking for that GORGEOUS Merc SLS, that should, logically, be hiding inside a moisture-free storage tent, casually accruing values, then you need the next video, taken from the second day of the weekend (traditionally, we oftentimes call that Sunday).

I also shot a video today, but it’s going to go up later in the week… (OK, here’s a teaser!)

Nürburgring BT

And if all those videos only made you miss the Nürburgring even more, I can only apologise. Sorry/notsorry.


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